Logistics for metals

Responsible for your metals. Aluminium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel and other metals are the commodity heavyweights in the Vollers Group. The metals reach us in trucks, containers or ships. We store these metals in our port locations, from where we can ensure timely delivery to industrial  customers.

We have also been active in the field of stock exchange storage for years. In Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg, the Vollers Group is a recognised warehouse keeper for the so-called base metals of the London Metal Exchange (LME), one of the largest metal exchange locations worldwide.

Vollers – responsible for your metals.


  • import and export processing
  • storage and removal from storage
  • quality control
  • re-bundling
  • weighing
  • LME (London) and MMTA stock exchange licensing

Our services & locations for your metals