Port & Logistics Location Bremen

Bremen is the headquarters of the Vollers Group and, with its founding in 1932, represents the start of Vollers. Berthold Vollers GmbH is located here on the Weser River in Überseestadt, an old port quarter, which is presently experiencing a revival. Our warehouses are visible for miles around and serve as a signpost in the port. We work in the heart of this quarter and steer all logistics operations from here.

In Bremen, a great deal revolves around coffee. It is stored here in modern silo facilities for national and international customers, handled, cleaned, blended and transported to the customers in our own trucks. We store Arabica coffee for the New York stock exchange and Robusta coffee for the London stock exchange. Numerous other high-quality commodities are also stored in Bremen, covering everything from cotton to tea and all kinds of general cargo. Here, for instance, on a total storage area of 150,000 m² and in own bonded warehouses, we reliably handle our customers’ goods. We carefully store sensitive raw goods such as tea in large halls at the European port and refine them. Vollers Bremen was certified in the areas of coffee and tea in accordance with the International Featured Standard (IFS) in 2004 and, what is more, it also satisfies the requirements pertaining to the organic regulations.


  • storage area/bonded warehouse: 150,000 m²
  • capacity coffee silo: 44,000 t
  • transport accessibility: street, rail, barge and ocean-going vessel

Direct Contact

Berthold Vollers GmbH - Bremen
Speicherhof 308
28217 Bremen
Phone:  + 49 421 38 92 00 • E-Mail: bremen@vollers.com