Port & Logistics Location Trieste

Trieste has the largest seaport in the northern Adriatic and as such is the maritime gateway for customers from Italy, the south of Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the Balkans. The location and the flourishing coffee house culture in the 18th century resulted in Trieste becoming the leading coffee port of the Mediterranean. Today, Trieste is an important port for the London coffee exchange ICE Futures Europe.

At Vollers Italia S.r.l. unip., coffee is also at the centre of activities. Together with our partner, Francesco Parisi SPA, we offer all logistics services revolving around this high-grade commodity here.


  • storage area: 16,000 m²
  • Intermodal terminal: 70,000 m²
  • transport accessibility: street, rail, ocean-going vessel

Direct Contact

Vollers Italia S.r.l. unip. - Trieste
Viale Miramare 5
34135 Trieste
Phone:  + 39 040 41 93 123 • E-Mail: trieste@vollers.com