V-Interface – the link between your ERP system and Vollers

Integrate V-Interface into your ERP system to connect with Vollers and start sharing information digitally and securely together with us. Inbound goods notifications, stock removal orders and much more: V-Interface connects effortlessly with all common ERP systems and thus automates the data transfer in the relevant business processes.

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The benefits

The benefits of V-Interface – optimise your information flow

  • more efficient warehouse and inventory management
  • transparent and faster disposition processes
  • time saving and error avoidance during data entry
  • faster response to your requests
  • more transparency and better planning in the value chain

Integrated and interoperable

Integrated and interoperable – connect with us

Digital networking with customers and suppliers is a priority at Vollers. Our EDI platform works hand in hand with your ERP system when exchanging data and is already integrated with a number of systems from leading software providers. The number of connected partners is constantly growing. We are constantly pushing ahead with automation towards paperless data exchange via Electronic Data Interchange. Once the interfaces are realised, all data is provided and transmitted in a standardised way. In this way, we accelerate the core business processes in logistics and significantly support the optimal flow of information between numerous business partners.

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Highest security standards

V-Interface – transmits your data according to the highest security standards

  • converts the data into the required structures of the source and target systems
  • controls the communication processes to be carried out according to configurable rules
  • couples the renowned ERP systems or databases of our business partners with our system
  • transmits confidential and sensitive data of all kinds securely and traceably
  • monitors all digital communication processes
  • meets both the compliance requirements of our customers and our own high demands on IT

Setting up

Setting up V-Interface – Your individual project plan

Together with our business partners, we analyse the business processes that come into consideration for a digital data transfer and create an individual migration plan based on your specific requirements.

  1. Design (kick off, scope definition)
  2. Analysis (data and workflow analysis, specification)
  3. Implementation (creation of mappings, workflows; communication protocol)
  4. Testing (message-specific, entire communication process set)
  5. Rollout / Onboarding (communication and organisation of departments, ERP system operation)
  6. Go live (integration of the approved processes into the productive environments)

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