Logistics for cocoa

We take over the complete cocoa import process and its transport, handling and storage.

Cocoa logistics

Warehousing and transport

The cocoa bean has been one of our most important commodities for decades. The Vollers Group is among the most experienced logistics experts for this natural tropical product, which mainly comes to Europe from West African countries such as the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.

We do the handling of this sensitive raw material via our European port locations and, apart from transport and storage, we also offer added value services such as cleaning, pest control or blending of the cocoa beans. The goods destined for the industry mostly only remain with us for a short period of time. The situation is different for some of the cocoa traded at the stock exchange, which we keep in safe storage for a number of years. We are a licenced warehouse keeper for this service at the important locations for the London cocoa exchange. Our customers are both small and major cocoa traders and industrial, processing producers of cocoa mass, powder, butter and chocolate.

A vessel is unloaded at the port of Hamburg

Logistic services for raw cocoa

  • import and export processing incl. customs clearance

  • transport from the port of destination to the warehouse or directly to the final address

  • bag, bulk container and mega bulk handling

  • storage of bulk and bags in warehouses

  • arrival and redraw sampling

  • pest control

  • sieving, cleaning and blending

  • issue of certificates of origin

  • procurement of phyto certificates

  • claims handling

  • quality control in accordance with the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC)

  • ICE Futures Europe stock exchange licensing

  • AEO, UTZ and organic certification

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