Sustainability is a social goal that strives for a balance between environmental, social and economic matters. As an owner-managed family business in its third generation, we make our contribution - step by step - in awareness of our responsibility for future generations.

Reporting on Carbon Footprint

For all of our locations planA compiled an analysis of our carbon footprint identifying relevant scopes and giving possible emission reduction opportunities for near and long term according to the leading industry standards (GHG Protocol). This enables us to track our company emissions and the progresses of the whole Vollers Group – and therefor fulfilling the demands of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive even before it is obligatory.


The company emissions for the year 2021:

In the measurement, emissions are divided into three major areas: The first scope is emissions from “controlled sources”. This includes, for example, our company vehicles or the consumption of our buildings. The second scope is “indirect emissions through the purchase of energy”. Put simply, this includes the purchase of electricity or gas for our offices and warehouses. The third area includes “indirect emissions from the supply chain”. In addition to the actual supply chain, which includes the transport and processing of commodities, this also includes waste generated in the company, business trips or the commute of employees to the workplace.

6050 t

Total Emission in t  CO2e

512 t

Scope 1 Total Emission in t  CO2e

154 t

Scope 2 Total Emission in t  CO2e

5384 t

Scope 3 Total Emission in t  CO2e

Emmissons by Locations in t CO2e

Emmissions by Activity Group

Vollers' sustainable way

Renewable Energy

Our solar plant in Emder Straße in Bremen is active and producing electricity for the first time. With an output of 448.78 KW/p and a total area of 2176m², we are looking forward to officially producing and feeding electricity into the grid shortly after confirmation by the grid operator. In addition, we have already modernised our solar system from 2010 on Cuxhavener Straße in 2022, with a module area of 711m² and an output of 96.2 KW/p.

A photovoltaic system is also currently being installed on one of the three 150 metre long and 40 metre wide roofs of the Hoogtij warehouses in Zaandam in the Netherlands. Hoogtij is a fully automated cocoa warehouse and was opened in 2021.

At every Vollers site where green electricity can be purchased, electricity is sourced from green energy sources, thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

E-truck and fuel-efficient fleet

Our first Volvo e-truck is in operation in Bremen, environmentally friendly and without direct emissions. This electrically powered tractor unit plays a key role in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. With impressive figures such as a gross combination weight of up to 44 tonnes, up to 490 kW of power and a range of up to 300 km, the new e-truck fits effortlessly into our local transport operations in Bremen. Find out more on YouTube.

The rest of our fleet consists of Mercedes Actros trucks with a payload of 24.2-24.5 tonnes. Thanks to advanced technologies such as aerodynamic design, predictive and adaptive cruise control and tyre pressure monitoring systems, we achieve an effective reduction in diesel consumption of 3-5%.

Use of green gas

We use climate-neutral green gas at our locations in Bremen and Hamburg. CO2 emissions are offset by specifically supporting environmental projects.

Blue reachstacker lifting a container into the air. It is standing in a harbour, around it are other containers.

Environmentally friendly reachstacker in Hamburg

We rely on an Eco Reachstacker from Kalmar, which saves five litres per hour or 20% fuel compared to conventional models. The compact Dana-Rexroth gearbox ensures efficient handling, while three different operating modes adapt the performance to the respective requirements. The reachstacker is operated with a hydrostatic drive, which enables a smaller engine and thus reduces fuel consumption.

Avoiding big bags with a crate system

At our site in Antwerp, we do not store the loose coffee in big bags, but in crates that meet food safety standards. These can be reused for around 15 years, while the big bags are intended to be used once or twice. From January to October 2023 alone, we were able to save over 27,000 big bags, which equates to around 54 tonnes of plastic. Find out more in our video on YouTube.

Advanced tyre equipment

Our E-Truck is equipped with Sailun tyres, which are based on advanced green technology. These tyres are produced with reduced resource consumption, minimise rolling noise, reduce carbon emissions and maximise fuel efficiency through their innovative design. More information about the tyres can be found on YouTube.


Besides cars with reduced pollutant values Vollers offers their staff electric company cars and the option of leasing electric company bicycles. Charging stations are provided at the headquaters and will even be installed at the employees’ homes.

Internal sustainability group

Our sustainability working group manages projects within the Vollers Group. By focussing on concrete and timely measures, we aim to make a measurable contribution to environmental protection. Employees from various departments are invited to contribute ideas. The roadmap for our sustainability initiatives includes gathering information and defining the structure, surveying the sites, including the site perspectives, evaluating the proposals from the sites, the decision-making phase, defining, implementing and reporting on the projects.

Electric tractor instead of diesel-powered tractor unit

At our site in Hamburg, we operate an electric tractor for manoeuvring semi-trailers with a maximum weight of 40 tonnes on level ground from Multi-Mover. The device is equipped with an electric motor and replaces the previous use of a diesel-powered tractor unit.

A multitude of LED lamps on one wall

LED lamps

We continuously change to LED lamps in all locations of the Vollers Group.

Digitalisation for less paper consumption

We are constantly pushing ahead with automation towards paperless data exchange via electronic data interchange, f.i. with establishing handhelds for various processes.

Reducing plastic waste

In Bury St Edmunds, our machine pallet wrap helps reduce our customers’ plastic waste thanks to its advanced pre-stretching and reduced film thickness. As from January 1 2023, It is also 100 % recyclable as are the top sheets used to cover the pallets. This allows our UK customers to dispose of them through the general recycling mix, further reducing the impact on the environment. Find out more in our video on YouTube.

An opened notebook on a table. A video conference is held, four people are on the screen. One person is seen from behind, looking at the notebook.

Virtual meetings and sustainable work routes

Instead of traveling we very often use tools for video conferences.

If operational procedures allow, we offer our employees the option of working from home in some cases by arrangement - the elimination of travel also contributes to a reduction in travel emissions.

... and more to come!

In the future, we will take further steps so that we do our part to improve conditions for our environment.