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Our location in Antwerp

Located in the north of Belgium, Antwerp is the second-largest seaport in Europe. Today, the Belgium city at the mouth to the North Sea of Schelde is considered an important port for the handling of bulk products. 

A woman driving a forklift in a warehouse. She's picking a coffee bag with the fork
The Antwerp warehouse from inside with coffee bags on pallets

Logistics Services in Antwerp

Due to the good connection to the hinterland, we can quickly and reliably reach the Benelux countries and large parts of France, Germany and Switzerland from here.

Vollers Belgium N.V. is located in the port area of the maritime city. Here, on behalf of trade and industry companies, we store and transport Robusta and Arabica coffee, as well as cocoa and general cargo. In addition to this, with Oosterweel 1000 in the port, we have additional state-of-the-art storage capacity for bulk cocoa.

Cocoa warehousing 3.0 - Oosterweel 1000

The automatic cocoa bulk warehouse „Oosterweel 1000“ in Antwerp is without doubt one of our most impressive buildings within the Vollers Group. We realise customised logistic real estate like this cocoa warehouse in Antwerp or the cocoa warehouses Hoogtij in Amsterdam in longterm relationships on project basis within our service category logistics and supply chain management.

The warehouse has been built according to the specific requirements of our customer. After the ship's arrival at the quay, the cocoa beans can be unloaded while being weighed and sampled and are filled automatically by a conveyor belt into the storage boxes. Another important advantage is the integrated fumigation system which ensures effective pest control. The construction of the warehouse has been specially designed to provide good ventilation. All movements can be monitored by a complete track & trace system.

View on the Oosterweel 1000, a cocoa warehouse
A Vollers truck on the street

Stoelen International Transport

Stoelen International Transport BVBA has been part of the Vollers Group since the beginning of 2018. The expansion into new transport options and business fields in the transport market has created additional operational flexibility.


Facts & Figures

  • Pictogram of five containers

    8.000 m²

    Open storage area

  • Pictogram of three bulk bags in a warehouse

    110.000 m²

    Covered storage area

  • Pictogram of cocoa beans

    35.000 mt

    Bulk capacity for cocoa

  • Pictogram of a street, rails and water

    Transport accessibility


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