Coffee logistics

We take over the complete handling of coffee import and export as well as individual transport services for you.

Glimpse into a warehouse with coffee bags

Coffee logistics

Ever since the company’s founding in 1932, the commodity of coffee has been our great passion. Today, the Vollers Group is among the best-known and most experienced logistics service providers when it comes to the transport, storage and processing of green coffee. Annually, we handle hundreds of thousands of tons of Arabica and Robusta coffee from more than 60 origins.

The green coffee arrives at our warehouses in a wide variety of packaging units and we are able to handle all of them. Be it in large quantities in containers in big bags or in bulk or even as a complete shipload in overseas breakbulk vessels, as well as in smaller quantities such as bags, boxes, barrels or cartons. Every customer is important to us, may the company be small or large, a start-up or a multinational enterprise. We have also been a licensed warehouse keeper for the London and New York commodity coffee exchanges for years.

A Vollers container is tilted to be emptied

Logistic services for green coffee

  • import and export processing incl. customs clearance

  • container transport from the port of destination to the warehouse or directly to the final address

  • storage of bulk in silos or module containers and storage of bigbags and bags in warehouses

  • arrival and redraw sampling

  • pest control with ECO2 facility

  • sieving, cleaning and blending

  • quality control in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulation (HACCP) and International Featured Standard (IFS)

  • ICE Futures Europe (London) and ICE US (New York) stock exchange licensing

  • AEO and organic certification

A notebook, a desktop, a mobile phone and a tablet next to each other. V-Connect is opened on them

Digital & Integration Services

From online platform to web customer portal to interface technology: digitalization is one of our top priorities both internally and externally and is driven forward every single day. As an experienced logistics company, Vollers already uses digital technologies to support various processes. Our digital products and software solutions complement and expand our logistics service portfolio.

A coffee warehouse from inside. Bags are stored left and right.

We ensure your coffee logistics

We provide a seamless flow of your import and export coffee processes. The coffee storage and handling requires special expertise in order to meet the entire supply chain of the coffee.

Coffee import/export, transport and handling

We take over the complete handling of coffee import and export or individual transport services for you. With transport in coffee containers or big bags in bulk vessels, we offer you an efficient way to transport your coffee nationally and internationally.

The professional storage of coffee in our green coffee warehouse

The safe storage of your coffee has the highest priority for us. That’s why we check the coffee stocks on behalf of our customers and support them in stock controls.

A young man is sitting in front of an open container, full with coffee beans.

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