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Il Polo del Caffè

Our partner company in Naples

The Interporto Campano in Nola is located about 20 km from Naples and is Italy's third largest coffee port, accounting for about 10% of total imports. Our partner company "Il Polo del Caffè" is based there.

Coffee bags on pallets are stacked by an employee with a forklift in the Naples warehouse

Logistics Services in Naples

Il Polo del Caffè is a company specialised in the green coffee supply chain. With us as a partner, it has been possible to open up the services to traders and professionals as well. Through the partnership, the internationalisation of Il Polo del Caffè has progressed further. The green coffee is imported and the roasted coffee is exported all over the world.


Facts & Figures

  • Pictogram of five containers

    200.000 m²

    Open storage bonded area

  • Pictogram of a warehouse with boxes or bags inside

    12.000 m²

    Bonded warehouse area

  • Pictogram of a street, rails and water

    Transport accessibility

    Street and rail

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Rosario Carafa

General Manager

Il Polo del Caffè S.p.A.

Lotto D 201/204 Interporto di Nola
80035 Naples