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Our location in Trieste

Trieste has the largest seaport in the northern Adriatic and as such is the maritime gateway for customers from Italy, the south of Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the Balkans. The location and the flourishing coffee house culture in the 18th century resulted in Trieste becoming the leading coffee port of the Mediterranean.

A team of four people standing in front of coffee bags on pallets inside the warehouse of Trieste
A coffee warehouse from inside. Bags are stapled left and right.

Logistics Services in Trieste

At Vollers Italia S.r.l. unip., coffee is at the centre of activities. Trieste is an important port for the London Coffee Exchange ICE Futures Europe. We offer all logistics services revolving around this high-grade commodity here, and also handle cocoa.

We are located within the free port area. This enables us to offer VAT-suspended storage - a unique opportunity reserved for a limited number of logistics companies.


Facts & Figures

  • Pictogram of a warehouse with boxes or bags inside

    25.000 m²

    Free port warehouse area

  • Pictogram of five containers

    200.000 m²

    Open storage area in free port

  • Pictogram of a single container

    > 1.000 m²

    Container storage space

  • Pictogram of a street, rails and water

    Transport accessibility

    Street and rail

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Roberto Poropat

General Manager

Vollers Italia S.r.l. unip.

Bagnoli Della Rosandra 334 Dolina
34018 Trieste

Walter Bulzis

Forwarding & Logistic Specialist

Vollers Italia S.r.l. unip

Bagnoli Della Rosandra 334 Dolina
34018 Trieste

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