Mission Statement of the Vollers Group

"In the complex world of commodities our customers find in us a responsible acting partner who performs personalized and digitalized logistics services, links trade stakeholders and gives them trusted advice."

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Our guiding principles

Dear all,

In a world of perpetual and ever faster change our guiding principles express our corporate purpose and the fundamental values of the Vollers Group. It clarifies our corporate philosophy and is intended to provide identification and motivation for all of us.

In addition the guiding principles explain to our customers who we are and gives them security and orientation in our business relationship.

We act in accordance with the guiding principles in order to reach the targets we have set for ourselves. Our guiding principles live, we adjust them as required and develop them further. After the first version from 2013 and the second in 2017, this is the 3rd revised edition. We are convinced that the guiding principles will continue to be a relevant source of guidance and enthusiasm.

The Directors Team
Vollers Group

Who we are

Our expertise
We are proven specialists in coffee, cocoa and tea logistics. We also handle other high value commodities, where expertise, prime performance and a high level of trust are essential. With our customers we share a fascination and passion for these commodities.

As logistics specialists, we are actively creating value along the entire supply chain. Our services include transportation, import & export handling, warehousing & processing, as well as  specialized services in the field of contract logistics, supply chain management and IT solutions. In short, we promise and deliver customized service offerings to all our customers.

Experience gathered over decades, our pledge to quality and the dedication of our employees ensure consistently high service quality, this being the basis for long years of trustful cooperation with our customers.

Independence & financial stability
We make profits in order to be able to invest in future business potentials and innovations.
This is how we ensure the long-term independence and stability of our group of companies.

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Vollers Group and its locations
Headed by the owner, the independent Vollers Group has its roots in Bremen and focuses its business on Europe. Proximity to our customers, local knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit are the key to our continuously high customer satisfaction and long-term success in partnership.

It is the responsibility of each local management to drive the business. The central resources of the Vollers Group are available in addition to support all locations.

We concentrate all our business activities on coffee, cocoa and tea as well as other high-value commodities. This focus helps to systematically develop current and future potentials for success. Commodity- and function-specific strategies and standards are defined centrally throughout the Group and are adjusted and implemented by the individual locations. The Vollers Group's guiding principles, group standards and strategic guidelines form the framework within cultural and country-specific particularities find their place.

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Responsibility for people, society, and the product

The following principles are tasks for the company, the management, and the employees.

Vollers as an employer strives to provide
A motivating work environment: We want all our employees to be appreciated and to be able to work in a positive, trustful and motivating atmosphere.

Challenges & opportunities: We challenge our employees to act on their own initiative and give them the necessary support. We encourage our employees to develop and implement new ideas.

Safety & health consciousness: We invest in a safe work environment and promote safety and health awareness. We actively strive to minimize work accidents and dangerous situations.

Training: We primarily train our employees ourselves, ensuring professional expertise and quality of service within our organization. We want to support and enhance the capabilities of all our employees.

The right balance: As far as it is organisationally possible, we support a good work-life-balance.

Diversity: Vollers as an employer regards every individual as equal. We encourage our employees to live and embrace cultural diversity.

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Quality management & social responsibility

We ensure quality: We understand quality in a universal way; this means: “Quality with every step every day!” We expect the same quality consciousness of all our employees and urge for caution, care and cleanliness.

We are environmentally conscious: We seek to minimise our environmental impact. We actively monitore and reduce our carbon footprint in line with European Union directives. All our investments are evaluated in terms of social, economic and environmental sustainability. We endeavor to produce our services more efficiently from year to year. Read more about our sustainability strategy here.

We prepare ourselves: We continuously acquire new knowledge in the areas of traceability, food safety, environmental compatibility and sustainability.

We keep up to standard: We assess additional certifications of our processes on a regular basis in order to comply with customer demands and expectations.

We participate: The Vollers Group is a member of key professional and industrial associations, contributing to the further development of the industries in which we are active.

We make a contribution: Commitment to society is an important building block in our coexistence. The Vollers Group commits itself to international initiatives in the field of our commodities.

Our values

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    Quality is key 

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    Our aim is to deliver high quality consistently. It is the basis for long-lasting customer
    satisfaction and our success.

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    Commitment to service 

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    We enjoy being service providers for our customers and colleagues. For us, personal commitment is a given.

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    Be responsible 

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    Each of us acts honestly and responsibly so as to  protect ourselves and others from difficulties and harm.

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    With trust comes obligation 

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    Reliability coupled with respectable behavior creates trust. Trust is the basis of our actions.

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    Contribute to improvement 

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    We improve our services continuously. Each of us is asked to work cost-consciously and to contribute to the improvement of our work processes.

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    We respect the value of the commodities entrusted to us and treat them with the greatest care.

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    Welcome change 

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    We are open to new ideas and are always prepared to learn. By meeting change with interest, we can improve, promote innovations and actively shape our future.

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    Be consistent in your actions 

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    We are consistent and persevere when we have set a task for ourselves. Each and every one of us fulfills reliably what he has promised to do.

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    Respect for others 

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    We interact with each other in a respectful, polite manner. We seek to prevent disrespectful behavior.

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    Fair dealing 

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    We do not contribute to speculations or rumors within our markets. We do not sell by degrading our competitors.

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    Promotion of mutual benefit 

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    We strive for a prosperous relationship with our customers, partners and our employees.