Logistics for tea

As a recognised tea-specialist, the Vollers Group ensures safe transport and careful storage and processing of the sensitive tea leaves.

A close-up of loose tea

Tea logistics

Warehousing and transport

In the past, tea was transported in traditional plywood boxes. Today, in the majority of cases, the fine leaves reach us packed in bags and shipped in standard containers from China, India, Africa and Latin America. 

For the refinement work, our team of experts have the corresponding aromas and bags of orange blossoms, vanilla pods, mango pieces and numerous other ingredients at their disposal. Thereby, the recipes of our customers remain confidential and are in safe hands with us. In our tea warehouses in Bremen, Bury St. Edmunds and Dongen, Vollers meets the requirements of various certifications and standards. 

A tea palletising machine in a warehouse
Bags of tea are transported through the warehouse

Logistics services for tea

  • import and export processing incl. customs clearance

  • container transport from the port of destination to the warehouse or directly to the final address

  • arrival, redraw and blend sampling

  • bag and bigbag handling

  • sieving, blending and aromatisation

  • pest control with ECO2 facility

  • quality control in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulation (HACCP) and International Featured Standard (IFS)

  • organic certification

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