Connecting producers and buyers through our auction platform

We specialize in connecting coffee producers with buyers through our online auctions. Each auction have their own website, where you can apply to bid and order your sample! But that's not all - we offer a diverse range of auction styles beyond coffee, including commodities like cacao and tea, as well as assets, machinery, fundraising events, and unique experiences. No matter which online auction style you need for your business, V-Auction is your reliable partner.

About our Auction Software

The auction software behind V-Auction has a proven track record of more than 10 years of experience in conducting microlot auctions for speciality coffee. Moreover, it has hosted auctions for high-quality coffee producers all over the globe and has already broken world records for the most expensive green coffee in the world.

V-Auction is part of the digital solutions by Vollers Group, a leading logistics company with over 90 years of expertise in coffee, logistics, and warehousing. We are excited to infuse our commodities knowledge and IT proficiency into the platform, which reflects our commitment to enhancing services and setting new industry standards.

Why buy coffee from an online auction?

  • Maximise Value 

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    Auctions stimulate fair value for the coffee and build mutually beneficial relationships between buyers and sellers.

  • Transparent pricing 

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    The coffees are sold on an FOB basis. Shipping costs are available to request pre-auction and will be provided post-auction.

  • Discovery & relations 

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    Buyers can Bid from anywhere in the world, while producers can promote their coffee on a global market.

Our Network

We work with producers in more than
15 countries around the world hosting
some of the most famous coffee auctions
in the world... and we have a buyers
database of more than 10,000 contacts

in different continents.

Why it works

Auctions are a great way to help navigate this for both producers and buyers. Connecting producers with a global market and finding the most appropriate buyer for their coffee adds value at both ends of the supply chain, builds mutually beneficial relationships and helps mitigate market fluctuation.

An auction is a space where shared common values and individual private values are combined, it not only creates a fair and mutual model of trade but also allows value to be exercised in a way not possible in other more traditional avenues.

Are you a buyer or a roaster?

V-Auction is designed to not only elevate value for coffee buyers and producers,
but to exist as a relevant and exciting platform for buyers to discover new coffees and develop new relationships.


Find new and exciting
coffee across the world.

Fresh & Exclusive

Access fresh crop coffee 
shipped directly from origin


Turn auction purchases into
long-term direct relationships.

Are you a Producer interested in running an auction?

We use our expertise to connect producers and buyers worldwide.


  • 40+


  • 10,000+

    Buyers database

  • 3,200+

    Lots sold

Upcoming Auctions 2024

We offer a variety of specialty coffee auction during the year.
Each auction have their own website, where you can
apply to bid and order your sample set!

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Café Granja La Esperanza


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For many buyers working in coffee and directly sourcing coffee, auction can sometimes be intimidating. So we have put all the pieces in place for the process to be simple and easy, so you can focus on discovering the right coffees for your business:

For Buyers

Q: How does the auction work?

The most important part of any auction is the bidding. In a traditional auction, the lots are auctioned one lot at a time. Bids are placed, the bidding price increases until eventually the highest bid is placed, and no more bids are placed. The bidder with the highest bid wins the lot.

Specialty coffee auctions are different; they work as a ‘Helmsman’ style auction also known as ‘ multi-unit. It works like this:

  • Open bidding starts and continues on all lots simultaneously until each and every lot has received an initial bid.
  • As soon as each lot has received a bid, the auction clock for each lot, starts ticking down from 3 minutes towards zero.
  • Every time a bid is placed, the clock resets to 3 minutes remaining.
  • Once the clock reaches zero, the auction is over and the winners are declared.

This means the full value is achieved for each and every coffee in the auction. This is because the outcome for each coffee is tied to the outcome of the auction as a whole. The more people bid, the more the coffees remain available across the whole auction. This means the producers will receive good value for their coffee and we will all contribute to the sustainability of their farming.

Q: Do I have to register?

To participate in any V-Auction event, registration is required. You will need to create a V-Auction account and agree to our Auction Platform's Terms & Conditions. By doing so, we can verify your identity and ensure that you are aware of and agree to our policies. Once your registration has been approved and you have accepted the bidding agreement for the upcoming auction, you will be ready to bid on the day of the event.

Q: How do I apply to bid in a V-Auction event?

To participate in bidding, you must first log in or register on the site, and create a V-Auction account. Once you've confirmed your details, you will be directed to a page showing the upcoming auctions, where you can accept the bidding agreement.

Alternatively, if you already have a V-Auction account, you'll see a reminder each time you log in to accept the current year's bidding agreement, and also on the auction page.

It's worth noting that the bidding agreement is reviewed annually to account for any changes in the circumstances of the coffee producers. Therefore, you must accept the current bidding agreement every time you wish to bid in an auction. Please remember that you won't be able to participate in an auction unless you've accepted the bidding agreement for the current year.

Q: What is the V-Auction Login system?

Your V-Auction login details will be valid across all our different auctions throughout the year. This means that you can use the same email address and password to log in to all auctions from the various producers that we work with at V-Auction.

Q: How do I place a bid?

Bid at the suggested increment: Simply press "Bid" and then "Confirm" to place your bid at the next suggested amount.

Bid higher: Enter an amount greater than the current bid plus the minimum increment into the text box next to the "Bid" button. Press "Bid" and then "Confirm" to place your bid.

Q: What is an auto-bid?

Auto Bidding: Set a maximum bid amount (also known as 'Proxy Bid'). The system will automatically bid on your behalf up to this amount. Note that your auto-bid must be higher than the current highest bid. If bidding exceeds your maximum, you'll need to set a new auto-bid.

Q: What is pre-bidding?

Pre-bidding lets you set an autobid before the auction starts, ensuring you won't miss out on lots you're interested in. You can establish your autobid upfront, so you don't have to keep an eye on the auction once it begins. This means you can increase your chances of winning while staying flexible with your bidding strategy.

Q: Will my name be public during the auction?

The identity of each bidder will be anonymous and unknown to other bidders prior to and during, the online auction. Bidders will be identified by a random ‘Paddle Number’.

The identity of the highest bidder for each lot will be made public when the winners are declared at the end of the auction. The winners' details will be passed on to the producers and used to form the contract for the sale of the coffee and to finalize the shipping arrangements.

Q: How long does the auction last?

The usual time allowed for the initial period (before all lots have received a bid) is an hour but will be determined by the number of lots and participating buyers. Once the clock starts ticking, it all depends on the level of demand. Do not be mistaken into thinking that this style of auction is over very quickly - expect several hours for specialty coffee auctions.

Q: How can I keep track of the auction in progress?

Real-time updates are essential in a coffee auction where the auction clock is counting down quickly between bids, and it is what makes online systems perfect for this type of auction. We recommend that you have a fast stable internet connection for your auction participation.

Q: Once I win a lot, how do I proceed to do the payment?

Payment for auction lots is due in FULL 15 days after the auction date. Please ensure you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions you agree to when you register for the auction.

If the winning bidder does not pay the due amount within this time, the lots will be offered to the bidder who placed the second-highest bid.

After the auction has closed the producer will be in touch with you to arrange payments, contracts and shipping. Once all these are agreed upon, payment will be made by bank or wire transfer. Other options are available and we can discuss those as they arise.

For Producers

Q: How do I know if I am qualified for an auction?

We're always eager to build new relationships and discover fresh, exciting coffees for our platform.

Q: What do I need to host a coffee auction?
  • The story behind the coffee: Buyers sell this story to their customers. Do you have unique branding that sets your coffee apart from your neighbor's?
  • The processing: Is this the right process for the high end market? There are many new and alternative and experimental processing methods. Colombia has good examples.

  • The variety: Are you able to offer anything unique or special to your growing region?

  • The quality and score: Buyers trust in regional competitions, but they also know that the coffee can be overscored in origin also. We would suggest coffee around 88 points or more. 

  • The awards: Has your coffee been featured in any local or international quality competitions?

  • The lot size: 20 lots is the average in a coffee auction, weights offered are variable from 6kgs up to 1000kgs. We suggest smaller lots as they are more exclusive. 30kgs is also easier to ship post auction.

  • The samples: Are you able to design and print 20-30 high quality exclusive sample boxes and then prepare sample sets in a timely manner prior to auction? Sample sets need to be ready two months before the auction day. 

  • The logistics: Are you able to arrange shipments of coffee lots and sample box dispatch from origin to destinations over the world?

Q: How much does it cost to run an auction?

We offer three different price plans:

  • Basic
  • Smart
  • Professional

These differ in the scope of the functions on the platform, the number of marketing activities and the support before and during the auction. Depending on the chosen pricing plan, there is a fixed fee and depending on the total turnover of the auction, there is a commission as a final fee after the auction. For more information, please contact us.

Q: How much lead time do I need for my auction?

Auctions offer a valuable opportunity to reach into the global market and need some preparation time to be successful:

  • 5 months before the auction date we will sign the contract and start with a kick-off meeting
  • 4 months before the auction date your website will be set up and filled with life
  • 3 months before your auction date you will approve the website and the marketing plan
  • 2 months before the auction date we will start the promotion for your auction
Q: How often can I do an auction?

Coffee producers and organisations do an auction every year with their best lots this is usually with a key theme to promote the auction and build a story around your coffees.

Q: What is a Helmsman Style Auction?

All lots are auctioned at the same time. Every time a bid is placed, the clock resets to 3 minutes. Once the clock reaches zero, the auction is over and the winners are declared.

Q: Why does the coffee sector use the Helmsman styled auctions?

This style promotes maximum participation from bidders, leading to the highest possible turnover for each coffee. It is an ideal way to auction items that are almost identical. It leads to a higher average price for each lot. When all lots are pegged together against a 3 minute clock, the pricing outcome of all the lots is dependent upon the bidding on the auction as a whole. This auction can go from 1 hour to 12 or more hours. Competition among the lots ensures continuation in the auction. Bidders change their bidding strategy during this style of auction.

Q: What is a Live Auction?

Each lot is auctioned individually and there is an auctioneer pushing the bidding in the room, bids can be placed online or offline. This mostly suited for organisations and members. As each lot is auctioned separately. Each lot will get very different pricing results. 

Q: Do I need to be an exporter to host an auction?

No, you don't. But you will need to ensure that you can partner with another company to ship the coffee to the winners after the auction.

Q: Are auctioned coffees exclusive to the event?

Yes, you must ensure that the coffee is available in a warehouse and that you will be able to ship the coffee to the final destination once the auction ends.

Q: How do I set up my Opening or Reserve Price?

Coffees prices listed on V-Auction should reflect the FOB price in $/kg. Therefore this should consider not only your production costs but also the cost of preparing your coffee for export. The aim is that the price will raise during the auction, so we suggest to state your openning bid or reserve price with the minimum amount that you will be willing to accept for your coffee.

Explore All Our Auction Styles

At V-Auction, our expertise extends far beyond online auctions for specialty coffee. We are providing a versatile platform offering a diverse array of auction solutions. Whether you're seeking to auction commodities like coffee, cacao, or tea, assets and machinery, organizing fundraising events, or showcasing unique experiences, V-Auction is your ideal partner for your auction.

  • Timed Auction 

    Allows to auction multiple lots within a chosen timeframe.

  • Reverse Auction 

    This auction starts at a set amount and decreases incrementally. The first bid is the winning bid!

  • Podium Auction 

    Multiple winners for a single lot, facilitating scenarios like auctioning a dinner with a specific person.

  • Combined Lots Auction 

    Bidders can place bids on individual lots or bid for a group of lots. If the combination bid exceeds the total of individual bids, the combination bid wins.

  • Helmsman Auction 

    All lots are auctioned at the same time. Every time a bid is placed, the clock resets to 2 or 3 minutes. Once the clock reaches zero, the auction is over and the winners are declared.

  • Live Auction 

    Each lot is auctioned individually and there is someone pushing the bidding in the room, bids can be placed online of offline.

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