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Our location in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the second-largest port of the Netherlands and is considered to be the largest cocoa port in Europe. It's just fitting that we from Vollers Holland B.V. are experienced cocoa professionals.

An employee in Amsterdam standing in the warehouse
Cocoa is stored in a warehouse

Logistics Services in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, we store the high-quality raw material with great care for our customers, so that the cocoa beans can be transported at any time to our customers and processed into cocoa mass, powder or butter.

Beyond that, in Amsterdam we also take care of the commodity coffee as well as agricultural products on behalf of our customers.

Cocoa warehouse 4.0 - Hoogtij

150 metres long, 40 metres wide and 24 metres high: all three in 2021 new built warehouses at the Hoogtij terminal tower into the sky. This warehouse is a fully automatic storage in which cocoa beans arrive via containers, vessels and barges. On arrival the beans enter via lowerable conveyer belts the storage compartments that are filled up to 10 meters high. The cocoa beans are taken out of the warehouses via cranes and conveyor belts, and then loaded onto trucks or barges.

We realise customised logistics real estate such as these cocoa warehouses Hoogtij in Amsterdam or the cocoa warehouse Oosterweel 1000 in Antwerp in long-term relationships on a project basis within our service category Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The Hoogtij warehouse on the waterfront


Facts & Figures

  • Pictogram of a warehouse with boxes or bags inside

    110.000 m²

    Bonded warehouse storage area

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    Transport accessibility

    Street, barge and ocean-going vessels

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