Logistics for coffee

Responsible for your coffee. Ever since the company’s founding in 1932, the commodity of coffee has been our great passion. Today, the Vollers Group is among the best-known and most experienced logistics service providers when it comes to the transport, storage and processing of green coffee. Annually, we handle hundreds of thousands of tons of Arabica and Robusta coffee from more than 60 countries of provenance.

In the past, our warehouse workers used to transport the green coffee beans from Latin America, Asia and Africa on hand trucks. Today, we mainly transport this commodity in bulk containers, store them in silo facilities and clean and blend the coffee beans in our warehouses. Every customer is important to us, be it a small enterprise or major coffee roaster and dealer. We have also been a licensed warehouse keeper for the London and New York commodity coffee exchanges for years.

Vollers – responsible for your coffee.


  • import and export processing
  • storage and removal from storage
  • bag and bulk container storage
  • sampling
  • sieving, cleaning and pest control with ECO2 facility
  • blending
  • quality control in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulation (HACCP) and International Featured Standard (IFS)
  • ICE Futures Europe (London) and ICE US (New York) stock exchange licensing
  • AEO and organic certification

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