Port & Logistics Location Amsterdam

After Rotterdam, Amsterdam is the second-largest port of the Netherlands. Here at the Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal) as well as at the mouth of Amstel and IJ into the IJsselmeer, about 20 per cent of the international cocoa harvest is handled. As such, Amsterdam is considered the largest cocoa port on earth.

Vollers Holland B.V. is a seasoned cocoa professional. In Amsterdam, we store the high-quality commodity with great care, ensuring it can be processed into cocoa mass, powder and butter at all times. What is more, in Amsterdam we also handle the commodity of coffee and general cargo.


  • storage area: 120,000 m²
  • bulk capacity for cocoa: 250,000 t
  • transport accessibility: street, rail, barge and ocean-going vessel

Direct Contact

Vollers Holland B.V. - Amsterdam
Sardiniëweg 4
1044 AE Amsterdam
Phone:  + 31 20 58 74 500 • E-Mail: amsterdam@vollers.com