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With V-Hub coffee buyers can search for green coffees based on any aspect they want from flavour to warehouse availability. Sellers can showcase green coffees and shops, hold auctions, promote specials, and share automated offer sheets across the web, easily. Everyone can handle samples with confidence based on complete coffee information.

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Buying and Selling

Buying and selling green coffee made easy

  • Discover coffees based on your criteria with a few clicks
  • Order samples with ease and connect directly on or off V-Hub
  • Follow your samples from request through delivery
  • Set and agree to terms up front so the details are clear
  • Confirm and track shipments via V-Hub or directly with your partner

V-Hub is an open platform that regularly showcases over one thousand green coffees from around the world. It features hundreds of shops and is updated daily with new coffees. Search for coffees with specific flavours, varieties, cupping scores, origins, and much more.

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Interested in selling green coffee to a larger audience?

  • Set up informative and attractive listings for your coffees
  • Create real-time offer sheets on V-Hub or on your own website
  • Your shop is open 24/7 and accepts credit cards
  • Manage and track samples on V-Hub or your own system via a robust API
  • Set fixed prices or tie your prices to the C-Market

V-Hub streamlines the marketing and presentation of green coffee for you. V-Hub shops combine information about your coffees with your story, policies, origin information, and any other details your buyers need. Plus, V-Hub helps you connect with green buyers around the world.

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Buying Green Coffee

Looking to buy green coffee and establish new relationships?

  • Search hundreds of coffees based on your specific criteria
  • Get notified about new coffees with a handy search agent
  • Get the full story about a coffee, a farm or producer
  • Buy green coffee samples online instantly with a credit card
  • Expand your network with shops and warehouses from around the world

V-Hub features green coffees from leading sellers worldwide. It’s easy to use, reliable and always open. You can use simple filters to sort through the coffees and find the flavours or attributes you want. V-Hub also supports custom notifications. Looking for something in particular? Watching a certain seller? V-Hub can automatically tell you when something new arrives.

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Complete Information

Complete coffee information in your pocket. That’s Hub Tag!

  • Create simple scannable labels to collect instant feedback at any cupping
  • Improve your buyers’ cupping experiences
  • Cup samples and collect all the information you need in seconds
  • Save or share the information you collect from your phone, tablet or computer
  • Hub Tag is free and easy to use for anyone on V-Hub

V-Hub combines all the benefits of a real-world coffee event with all the details you can capture in the virtual world. With Hub Tag all the information you need is linked to the QR-code on the label. As a seller you can collect instant feedback and as a buyer you can cup coffees at any event, evaluate, save, and share them quickly.

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