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Vollers location no. 12: Il Polo del Caffè in Naples

After months of plans, talks, agreements and last-minute postponements caused by the lock-down finally, it was concluded in front of the notary in Napoli the take-over of the shares and the appointment of Maurizio Zugna as Chairman of the company.

Il Polo currently is holding over 3,200 tons of coffee in its warehouse in Nola and the storage capacity is …

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Protecting the environment with green electricity

Climate scientists predict the sharpest drop in CO2 emissions ever seen in the world this year. Countries in lockdown consumed around a quarter less energy. But to combat climate change, it will take a restructuring of the economy, not its shutdown.

What is Vollers doing to reduce CO2 emissions?

Antwerp has been using green electricity since 2017, making it a pioneer …

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V-Connect is online

V-Connect is our new customer portal, which will revolutionize the entire communication in daily business. The web application provides a personal login for each customer. The stock is available online and can also be downloaded.

It is also possible to order samples – both to your own address and directly to potential buyers. A further function is the transfer of …

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