Our Guiding Principles are dynamic and adapt to the development of the company. After the first version from 2013, the second revised edition is now available.

Ability to change

Our corporate mission clarifies the self-image and the guiding principles of the Vollers Group. It provides orientation for all employees and shows the public what our company stands for.

Great efforts have been made to ensure that the corporate mission statement corresponds to Vollers‘ actual and lived values. Based on the first version of the mission statement, extensive discussions were held with a large number of employees. During the presentation by Christian Vollers on the first version, it was already made clear that it is important to talk about the guiding principles. It should be alive and always open to new suggestions. Constructive criticism helps to match our guiding principle and our corporate philosophy.

What has changed?

Regarding the section „who we are“ a much more transparent picture of our competences has developed: „Our services include transport, import & export services, warehousing, handling & processing and logistics services, such as contract logistics or supply chain management.“

Further adjustments and additions were made to our values. With the help of the suggestions of the employees, for example, the negative version „stay curious“ became the new version „stay interested“. Absolutely newly added was the appreciation: We appreciate the value of the commodities entrusted to us and treat them with the greatest care.

In addition, the new mission statement was visually adapted to the latest corporate design.

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