As of 1st of June 2017 Vollers UK Limited as part of the Vollers Group has taken over the business activities of the tea and coffee logistics company Eniti Limited. Thereby, Vollers expands its Europe wide site network and is able to deliver its expertise and services for the first time in the United Kingdom. “We are happy to announce the purchase of the trade and the assets of Eniti Limited, an experienced service provider handling tea and specialty coffee. We are looking forward working with all former Eniti employees. The new location in Bury St Edmunds is our eleventh office in Europe and opens up the motherland of tea culture to us”, says Christian Vollers, Managing Director of the Vollers Group.

Christian Vollers will act as Managing Director of the new founded Vollers UK Limited located in Bury St Edmunds. The new site is located only 40 miles away from Felixstowe, Great Britain’s largest container harbour. Thus, it represents an ideal hub between the North Sea, London and Central England.

Direct link to Vollers UK Limited – Bury St Edmunds.

About Vollers

The Vollers Group is a worldwide operating logistics company handling coffee, tea, cacao, metals, general cargo and other high-quality commodities. The headquarters of the Vollers Group is located in Bremen, Germany. The Vollers Group provides its services for international clients at eleven locations: Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Genoa, Trieste, Riga, Tallinn, Moscow and Bury St Edmunds. Overall, the Vollers Group has 340 employees and offers services in the fields of warehousing, transportation and the handling and procession of commodities and raw materials. With its own fleet of cars and trucks, the Vollers Group handles tasks of logistical management and realizes induvial solutions for its clients.