Ten thousands of tonnes of cocoa

In October 2021, our Hoogtij cocoa warehouse in Amsterdam started operations. Since then, we have received more than 75,000 tonnes of cocoa and delivered more than 40,000 tonnes.

Since the start, we have already had more than 200 visitors to see the warehouses. Among them were the employees of our partner Cargill, some of whom visited our warehouses themselves with various customers. In addition, Dutch agricultural representatives and a delegation of ambassadors from cocoa-producing countries have already been guests.

Eric Asselman, Managing Director in Amsterdam, has been able to accompany most of the visits, and reveals that “Everyone is excited about what has been achieved in Hoogtij.”

This also applies to private visitors who had the chance to visit the warehouse during the “Port Days” organised by the Port of Amsterdam. Together with Cargill, we guided the visitors around the site and through the warehouses.

We are happy that our guests were as enthusiastic as we are and thank everyone who visited us!