A visit from the USA: the MS Betty in Amsterdam

On Friday 21 June, a special guest arrived in the port of Amsterdam: the MS Betty. "Betty" departed from Savannah (Georgia, USA). She was loaded with a total of 30,975 tonnes of wood pellets. The pellets were spread across five holds. Four of them were loaded with about 6,000 to 6,700 tonnes each, the fifth compartment with around 4,800 tonnes.

Discharge and storage

Unloading began on the evening of the day of arrival. After a weekend break on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, the MS Betty was completely unloaded on Thursday 27 June. Unloading took a total of 83 hours - an impressive job!

The wood pellets were loaded into a hopper with the help of a floating crane. They then went on to the warehouse by truck. Work continued in the warehouse with wheel loaders and conveyor belts. Finally, the wood pellets were fitted with temperature sensors. These can be monitored online around the clock.

The use of the wood pellets

The wood pellets are used in coal-fired power stations. They are used as additional fuel so that less coal is needed to produce electricity.

As soon as the wood pellets are needed, we supply them in units of approx. 2,500 tonnes.