Commodity finance management made easy - with V-Connect

Warrants are a time-consuming act for all parties involved. The high administrative burden of the current paper and email-based commodity finance management is a challenge for both our customers and their financing credit institutions. Many e-mails and Excel spreadsheets are necessary for this actually simple process.

But we have the solution: With V-Connect "Finance Management", warrants and pledges can be easily processed online! V-Connect is our web-based customer portal which exchanges journals and messages with our industry leading ERP system.

Step 1: The commoditiy trade house requests for new financing
Step 2: The credit institution accepts the new financing
Step 3: The summary is sent by e-mail to both - DONE!

Step 4: The commoditiy trade house requests the financed lot to be release
Step 5: The credit institution accepts the release
Step 6: The summary is sent by e-mail to both - DONE!

And V-Connect not only handles the application and approval process, but also provides an overview of the currently financed goods at any time. Both our customer and the credit institution receive their personal accesses to V-Connect. Automatic e-mail notifications support the entire process.

And the best is yet to come: One login is sufficient to be able to work with several different partners. Credit institutions can manage all their clients that are with Vollers warehouses with one tool. And vice versa: Customers can work with different credit institutions.


TIME SAVING: Through digitized communication of all involved parties.

SECURITY: High safety standards and mechanisms for the entire process.

TRANSPARENCY: Through shared data and visibility.

MADE TO MEASURE: Suitable for several commodities including coffee, cocoa, tea and metals.

EASE OF USE: High usability, minimal training required.

You have the chance to make your daily work easier from now on - with V-Connect!

  • View updated stock at any time
  • Live overview of finance status - what can be financed and what is already financed
  • Acceleration of the financing and release process for all involved parties
  • Better control through transparency and reduced need for correctional processes