New tea location: Vollers Tea Services B.V. in the Netherlands

The year is starting with big news: Vollers has taken over a tea warehouse including facilities from the company Van Rees B.V. in Dongen near Rotterdam.

From import, customs, warehousing, sieving, repacking, blending, flavouring, transport to export: the new location will offer the full range of tea logistics services, just like the other Vollers tea locations in Bremen and Bury St. Edmunds. For the Vollers Group, the takeover in the Netherlands is an important step for the development and establishment of tea activites in the European market.

In order to expand the range and to be able to offer additional services for tea, investments are being made in new technical equipment, for example to be able to handle and process whole leaf tea. Setting up the network, getting AX started, applying labels: At the moment, the team is busy setting up all the necessary processes. The Vollers Group’s IT and tea departments in Bremen are providing support.

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Your new business opportunities with Vollers Tea Services in Dongen are available now. We look forward to sharing more about our future investments and service products with you.