Dual studies at Vollers: An interview with a former trainee

Recently, some of our apprentices in Bremen and Hamburg successfully completed their apprenticeships. We say congratulations! We spoke to Dominic from Bremen. He completed his apprenticeship as a Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Clerk, and at the same time earned his degree in Business Administration. With his commitment and passion for the logistics industry, he has become a promising professional. In the following interview, he tells us about his experiences, challenges and goals during his apprenticeship.

Question: Dominic, congratulations on your successful dual degree! How does it feel to have reached these two milestones?

Dominic: Thank you very much for the congratulations! I have to say, it feels really great. The three years were full of challenges, and I worked hard. Now I am very happy to have achieved my goals. Having a dual degree opens different possibilities for the further career. I couldn't have done it without the support of the company! That is why I am enormously grateful.

Question: What motivated you to do a dual study programme in the forwarding and logistics industry?

Dominic: The forwarding and logistics industry has always fascinated me. In my eyes, it is above all a global industry that is diverse and always changing. I find that a dual study programme is particularly suitable for acquiring theoretical knowledge that you can immediately see and apply in practice. In this way, I was optimally prepared for everyday work with all its processes and was able to deepen my knowledge more easily.

Question: What challenges did you face during your dual training, and how did you deal with them?

Dominic: It wasn't always easy to manage the balancing act between studying for university or vocational school and everyday work in the company. You really need a lot of discipline and must be able to organise yourself well. Time pressure also played a role at times. But: I felt comfortable in every situation at Vollers and learned to stay calm.

Question: How has your understanding and knowledge of freight forwarding and logistics services developed during your training? Are there certain key insights that you have gained?

Dominic: A lot of things have developed. For example, when it comes to the different modes of transport and their application. Another example is the independent planning and optimisation of logistics processes, especially because I was able to put theory into practice at Vollers. That definitely helps with general understanding. I have become more flexible and adaptable, and master challenges much more easily now.

Question: What support and guidance did you receive from your trainers and colleagues to get the most out of your training?

Dominic: My colleagues and trainers actively supported me at all times. I was taught the work processes in an understandable way and at a pace that was good for me. I always had the feeling that I could ask questions - the willingness to help was enormously high and everyone was friendly. Such good cooperation clearly contributes a great deal to successful learning.

Question: What are your professional goals, and how would you like to use your training and studies in your future career?

Dominic: I definitely want to continue my education and gain more new experiences at Vollers.  I am looking forward to new challenges and to being able to take on more responsibility in the future. I also aspire to a management position, but everything in its own time.

Question: What would you recommend to others who are considering a similar apprenticeship in the forwarding and logistics industry? Is there any particular advice or tip you would like to share to help them get started?

Dominic: Basically, it is important to stay interested and curious to gain a certain basic understanding of this industry and to expand the related knowledge. Self-organisation and discipline are important factors. You should be open and not hide from challenges. You also learn from mistakes!  And, not to forget: Always have fun. From my experience, I can say: if you approach the matter with curiosity and a portion of ambition, then nothing stands in the way of a successful apprenticeship at Vollers!