Apprenticeship up close

#GenerationV: Our trainee Afra reports on her experiences in the 2nd year of her apprenticeship as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk at Berthold Vollers GmbH in Bremen. She describes her everyday life and the vocational school, and shares her very personal impression.

I am now in the 2nd year of my apprenticeship as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk at Berthold Vollers GmbH and I can say that I learn something here every day. With the help of practical experience, this company offers me an excellent opportunity to enter the working world and master the first step of my career: the apprenticeship!

Berthold Vollers is a company that offers its logistics services for tea, green coffee and cocoa. As part of my apprenticeship, I learn everything about logistics and the professional handling of these goods. I have the chance to work on different departments and projects and even handle them independently, gaining deeper insights into the industry.

Besides the professional knowledge I acquire here every day, there are also always fun days where you can enjoy the working atmosphere and get to know your colleagues better. In addition, my work colleagues are all very friendly and helpful, which contributes to making me feel comfortable here. The staff always have an open ear for questions and support me in my professional development.

The vocational school

As a trainee, I usually spend two days a week at vocational school. On these days, I have lessons in various interesting and educational subjects such as accounting, economics and politics, English and freight forwarding.

In the subjects, I learn a lot about the industry and how it works, especially in freight forwarding, where we cover topics like warehouse logistics, air freight, comparing means of transport and liability. In economics and politics, we learn how a company is structured, what a limited liability company is and also a lot about our rights as apprentices.

We also often work in groups on practical exercises. I think it is important to put the theory from the lessons directly into practice so that we understand what we have learned better.

An insight into my everyday working life

As a trainee in the coffee import department at Berthold Vollers, I usually start my day at 7 - thanks to flexitime without the stress of being late for work. My first task is to answer incoming emails from customers and suppliers and ensure that all enquiries and concerns are dealt with effectively. Then I deal with the daily import processes. This involves monitoring freight movements, checking documents such as customs papers and invoices, coordinating deliveries with suppliers and customers, and following up on potential problems with imports. I also prepare sample bags for customers and create a file for each order.

However, there are always unforeseen events and challenges to overcome, but that is also one of the exciting aspects of my job. From import to transport and outsourcing to accounting and marketing - these are all departments that I go through for 3-6 months at a time during my apprenticeship, and every working day looks different.

More impressions of Afra's daily work can be found on YouTube!