Green coffee marketplace with a future

Logistics company Vollers Group purchases green coffee marketplace Cropster Hub

Cropster Hub Mockup

Bremen based Vollers Group, a logistics business with interests in transportation, storage and commodity logistics (coffee, cocoa, tea and metals) with locations across Europe, has purchased Cropster Hub, a global online green coffee marketplace for producers, importers/exporters and roasters.

Vollers 85+ years in coffee, logistics and warehouse services combined with its IT expertise will bring multiple benefits to Hub’s buyers and sellers. With the sale, Cropster Hub will be renamed to V-Hub ( Founded in 2015, Cropster Hub will run as a going concern through the transfer with additional services added over the coming months. Vollers will develop additional functionality for the platform, which will ensure a seamless buying and selling experience, including logistical background processes and the final delivery of coffees.

The purchase represents the next stage in Hub’s growth. Following the agreement, the CEOs offered the following insights:

“We are looking forward to contributing our coffee know-how to the platform and further expanding it with new approaches. Ever since the company’s founding in 1932, coffee has been our greatest passion. Today, the Vollers Group is among the best-known and most experienced logistics service providers when it comes to transport, storage and processing of green coffee. Our family owned business looks back on a history, over which we have maintained and deepened our enthusiasm and expertise in dealing with coffee. We are excited about the purchase of Hub and are looking forward to take the next steps in the journey together with the buyers and sellers of this great platform.”

Christian Vollers
CEO, Vollers Group GmbH

“Hub embodies many of our core values at Cropster. It brings the advantages of technology to buyers and sellers; it connects people and it creates a level playing field. Hub has been a fantastic 5 year journey with amazing partners worldwide. We realised a while ago that to continue its journey and growth Hub needed additional services like logistics and all the advantages deeper integration into core processes can bring. Vollers excels in all the areas Hub needs to grow, they share our original vision, passion and values when it comes to Hub, it’s partners and buyers. We’re excited to see where they take it next.”

Andreas Idl
CEO, Cropster GmbH

The addition of Hub to Vollers portfolio of services for producers, importers/exporters and roasters represents an extension of its business services. For further information please contact Anna-Lena Bahr at Vollers Group.

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