The move is done: V-Hub starts now!

Your new V-Hub is here, the migration from Cropster Hub to V-Hub is completed.

From now on you can log in with your existing login details. We have transferred everything for you: Your shops, coffees, origins, warehouses, messages, notifications, followers, settings, account, members and your company information. We have migrated V-Hub to a new and more secure environment as well as fixed minor bugs that have appeared. More improvements to come in the near future!

We hope you enjoy discovering and would like to thank you for your confidence in us.

A huge THANK YOU also goes to the incredible team at Cropster for their amazing support during the transfer. Cropster has developed this great product, and we are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to keep Hub alive by continuing with V-Hub.

More great news:

We have bundled all frequently asked questions and answers for you in the new V-Support! If you encounter any problems, please contact us at: V-Support

What’s next?

We are working on new features from now on and will keep you updated. You have good ideas and want to include them in the new developments? Contact us!

Would you like to support us in the new developments as a beta tester? Join the V-Buddies and get a T-shirt for free as a welcome gift! Get involved!

Would you like to find out more about V-Hub?

Simply follow this link!