Vollers location no. 12: Il Polo del Caffè in Naples

After months of plans, talks, agreements and last-minute postponements caused by the lock-down finally, it was concluded in front of the notary in Napoli the take-over of the shares and the appointment of Maurizio Zugna as Chairman of the company.

General Managers Rosario Carafa and Maurizio Zugna sitting on coffee bags in the warehouse in Naples

Il Polo currently is holding over 3,200 tons of coffee in its warehouse in Nola and the storage capacity is 100% taken; there are plans to double the current space building a 3,500 sqm shed just next to the existing one and install a new machine to strip bulk containers and repack coffee into big bags.

Managers and staff of Il Polo are enthusiastic to enter this partnership with Vollers Group and several projects were already started to implement the integration.